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How Would You Like To Sing Higher And Better
Than You EVER Have Done Before?

  • Learn to sing high notes easily and without straining your voice
  • Establish a personal vocal routine to build YOUR VOICE to be the best instrument it can be
  • Sing with a reliable voice that can hit all the notes night after night and say goodbye to those hoarse mornings after

'How To Sing In The Style Of...' YouTube Series

Jack Russell - Great White

Geoff Tate - Queensryche

Michael Sweet - Stryper

Steve Perry - Journey

Paul Stanley - Kiss

Rob Halford - Judas Priest

Sebastian Bach - Stryper

Rik Emmett - Triumph

Vocal Technique And Singing Tips From The Blog...

How Online Singing Lessons Will Help You To Develop Your Vocal Technique And Enjoy Being A Better Singer

  • Online singing lessons can help you to sing better than you have ever imagined. The main benefits of having lessons online are convenience and easy scheduling. You can improve your voice from the comfort of your own home and lessons are easily booked via my online scheduling calendar. You will receive a video recording of your vocal lesson as well as all of the necessary audio files for you to practice with.

  • Vocal Power singing lessons are individually catered to help you become the best singer you can be. The human voice is the most expressive instrument in the world and the beauty is that we each have our own unique voice. Whether you want to improve your technique or focus on stylistic develepment – your lessons are designed for you.

  • With the right vocal coach and dedicated practice with the right vocal exercises and warmups you can quickly increase your vocal range and become a better singer. You can learn how to sing high notes with ease by exercising control over the exact muscles in your larynx that get your voice to function properly. No more straining or reaching for those higher notes in the upper register.

  • Develop your vocal power and become a better vocalist with custom designed exercises. Every online singing lesson is specifically designed to help you develop your singing voice to the maximum and will prepare you for singing properly. I will supply you with the right exercises for your particular vocal need.

  • Discover the best vocal warm ups. Are you fed up with performing the same old vocalises and not getting the vocal improvement you had hoped for? My vocal warm up exercises are specifically designed to get all of the vocal muscles working in unison quickly.

  • Through proper preparation and practice you will be properly prepared for every concert, singing or vocal performance and will finally have the confidence to unleash your vocal power and enjoy performing like never before.