The Best Sore Throat Treatment Products

Superior Vocal Health USA now exclusively available in the UK

thraot saver spray for sngers

Throat Saver Sore Throat Spray For Singers

  • Fast acting throat spray
  • 100% organic ingredients
  • Helps reduce mucous
  • Lubricates the throat

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vocal rescue for singers

Vocal Rescue Sore Throat Gargle

  • Easy to use Gargle
  • Anti inflammatory herbs
  • Helps restore a tired voice
  • Rejuvenation formula

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nasal wash

Sinus Clear Out Nasal Wash

  • Easy to use Dropper
  • Organic Garlic Oil
  • Clears clogged sinuses
  • Infection fighting formula

£14.99      More Info...

stage fright anxiety reduction tablets

Stage Fright Anxiety Reduction Tablets

  • Tasty chewable tablets
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Fast acting formula
  • Get clarity and focus


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