Krefeld Kufa April 5

Greetings from the Estrelle in beautiful Berlin Following the amazing start we had in Hamburg on Thursday, we spent the day travelling (4 hours) to the hotel in Krefeld. We had a nice afternoon and everyone was in great spirits. We had a nice meal together and a reasonably early night. Went to the venue…

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Set Me Free – Sweet European Tour Start

What a day for a daydream… The first show with the band in 4 months….trepidation….nerves…. The guys had a great tour in Oz and Paul Manzi did a sterling job doing my part (most probably better than me on average 🙂  ). With all recent events I must admit that I was very much looking…

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How To Be A Great Singer – The Secret Formula

how to be a great singer

How To Become A Great Singer – Guaranteed I am often asked questions about how long it takes to become a great singer or if I have a particular method that will instruct a student how to be a great singer. So, I thought I would share the simple answer to these types of questions…

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Vocal Twang and How to Do It

vocal twang - how to di it correctly

What is Twang and How Do I Do It? Part 2 analysis from the ‘How to Sing High Notes Softly‘ video. Vocal twang is often misconstrued and frequently confused with nasality in the singing voice. The audible difference can be very similar from a listener’s point of view but let’s take a look at what…

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How to Sing High Notes Softly Using Creak and Cry

how to sing high softly

Singing High Notes Without Straining – Demonstration In this video I demonstrate how to sing high notes softly without any straining. I am relying on the smaller internal muscles of the larynx to control the pitch and using reduced airflow to match a thin vocal fold setup. Notice that I am not activating any of…

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Singing Performance Tips – Getting Ready for the Gig

Singing Performance Tips

If you have a live performance coming up then you want to be as physically and mentally prepared as possible. Establishing a good regular pre performance routine is essential in order for you to give your best vocal performance.

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Vocal Cords and Health (by Mike Leese)

Vocal cords hydration

A Healthy Body For A Healthy Voice The connection between a healthy body and strong vocal cords is something that’s well known amongst singers, singing experts and musicians. Whilst a healthy voice doesn’t always require a healthy body to thrive, it’s clear that the healthier your body is, the stronger your vocal cords are likely…

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Vocal Warm Ups – Why Should You Bother?

vocal warm ups and exercises

Are ther Advantages to Vocal Warmups? Do I Really Need To Do Vocal Warmups? In short – Yes! There are well over 100 muscles that contribute to the function of the human voice – and possibly more if you are overdoing it. Gentle warmups in the form of physical stretches and low energy vocalising help…

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How to Sing Rock –
Judas Priest Style

how to sing rock

How to sing rock like Rob Halford (Judas Priest) This how to sing rock video use the song ‘A Touch of Evil’ by Judas Priest from the excellent ‘Painkiller album’ To learn how to sing rock in an aggressive style it is important to understand the concept of applying distortion to an underlying clean sound. As you…

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How to Sing High Notes -Journey Style

How to sing higher

How to sing high notes like Steve Perry (Journey) This how to sing high notes with ease video uses ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ by Journey as an example. To learn how to sing high notes without screaming it is important to understand the concept of lightening up the vocal fold mass in the upper register. That…

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