One Night in Augsburg

Sweet Tour diary – Spectrum Club Augsburg

We arrived in Augsburg in the early afternoon and were staying once again at the lovely Dorint hotel – photo on the right.

We went to soundcheck at 5pm at it was surprisingly quick and painless ๐Ÿ™‚ We have our own monitor engineer on this tour and he is really good. His name is Johannes Johannes now. He started out as one Johannes but after Andy remembered a Blackadder Goes Forth episode with the line of ‘Your highness, your highness..’ he was doomed!

The tour is going fabulously well so far and much of that is due to our German tour manager Stefan Muhl who has organised the whole thing and needless to say that without our fantastic crew of Damian and Adam none of this would be possible.

The gig….was….how shall I put this…….arrestingly HOT!!!!!!!

The crowd were amazing and we really enjoyed it but the Spectrum is one of the hottest shows we have played in a long time. It doesn’t get any easier as one gets older playing for over an hour and half at full pace ๐Ÿ™‚ I think that we will all be looking decidedly slimmer by the end of this tour.

Many of the fans waited patiently for us to come to the aftershow signing. This took a little bit longer than usual because there was a minor flood in the dressing room when we removed our stage clothes! It is always nice to meet and talk to people who have come to the show and sign any merchandise.

Our very good friends Chris and Marianne are running the Sweet merchandise stand on this tour so stop by and say hello. Thankfully, we have some more shirts arriving from the UK on Thursday because we have sold out of many of the sizes already! The shirts really do look good – thanks to Damian for his design work.

We survived another one – roll on Stuttgart!

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  • herta kriegl

    Reply Reply March 9, 2013

    The concert was awesome, unforgettable, sweet is a hot band !!

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