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Sweet Tour diary – Hirsch Nurnberg

All of the main hotels in Nurnberg had been fully booked because of the Gun convention taking place – probably not the weekend to be picking fights. So, we ended up staying at the Quality Hotel in Erlangen – 30 minutes from the city. They don’t specifically mention the level of quality they consider their establishment to be but let me give you a couple of insights and you can make up your own mind….


  • there is no restaurant
  • there is no restaurant nearby
  • the walls are paper thin so that you can ‘join the party’ of the people in the next room making a bloody racket until 2am
  • the breakfast buffet is poor – i now know why there is no restaurant


  • the wifi is good (and free)
  • there are no mice…(none that I could see anyway)

So, if you are ever in Erlangen (having just stuffed yourself at a restaurant and can’t eat another thing) and looking for some rodent free accommodation where you can write your blog then this could be worth adding to your list…..

We went to soundcheck at 530 and had to stay at the gig because of the traffic around the city – we would not have enough time to return to the hotel for a swim and sauna (did I mention that there are no leisure facilities either) so we had the pleasure of lounging backstage at the Hirsch. When I say ‘lounging’ what I mean is being confined in a small portacabin with 2 battered old sofas, no heating and no toilet!!!!! In 20 years this place has not changed. There is a prominent notice on the wall that says ‘Artists shall be held responsible for any damages caused to the dressing room’!!! I’m pretty sure that whatever ‘damages’anyone could inflict in that place could only be considered as refurbishment and an overall improvement.

Nevertheless, thanks to MacBooks and iPads we were able to while away the time….

So, to the main event – the gig was fantastic. The Hirsch was full to bursting and the biggest crowd that Sweet have played to in this city. The reception was amazing from the first song and it only got better. Another hot one …We are fortunate enough to get to play some large venues throughout the years and going back to doing our own club tour is so much fun. The intensity of the show and the involvement of the crowd is amazing. But………the heat onstage is nearly killing us 🙂

The aftershow signing went on for about an hour with nearly every fan waiting patiently to get their merchandise signed. Thanks to all of you for such a great, memorable evening and we will see you all again real soon.


  • Thank you so much for the great show we could enjoy yesterday – …all the more as I feel very sorry that you had such an unpleasant off – stage – stay in Bavaria!

    Absolutely funny: “Golden” Bruce singing… That was soooo sympatic and funny, just great, we loved it!!!

    Little Amelie was very proud and happy, that you talked to her after the show 😉 !

    I missed you singing the “Sweet” – version of “because tonight”, it´s one of my favourite songs an the NYC – CD, it´s a pitty that it wasn´t on the playlist!

    But nevertheless we had the great joy to listen to your vocal power on the SFA – CD while driving home – I was very tired, but I remember, that the endlessly repeated track Nr. 5 with the the heavenly, angel – like voice of a young god made the trip a pleasure…

    Hope to see you soon on stage – hopefully next time you have better luck with your accomodation!

  • Tim

    Reply Reply March 9, 2013

    Tonight 09.03.2013: Colos Saal, Aschaffenburg!!!
    The Colos Saal had a fantastic new recording equipment, I hope you record the show tonight!!!!!!!!!!!

    And please don’t play Wig Wam Willy, better you play Lost Angels, so many fans wish that you play the song.

  • Manuela Rögner

    Reply Reply March 10, 2013

    Hi to all of you, thanks for a great show at the Hisch. I am really sorry for you that the conditions around the show were not that great. I know the backstage area at the venue. :-(. When you are in the Nürnberg area again I would suggest Zirndorf for a hotel stay. There are Hotels that do not belong to a hotel chain and have good service and great restaurants. And there are some more good German guesthouses to eat there all around. And all that not even 20 minutes from the venue. Thanks to Pete again for the interview.

  • I am going to watch out for brussels. Does he sound like he is interested or am I being paranoid t

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