I Found They Were All Rankweil Strangers To Me

Sweet Tour Diary – Altes Kino Rankweil


Rankweil is a lovely little town in Austria which we have played twice before. The last time was especially memorable for me as we were in a lovely local bar and the waitress deposited the whole drinks tray in my lap 🙂

We arrived here a day early and had a little issue with our chosen hotel. The Best Western had decided to forget to tell us that there were ‘some refurbishments’ going on. If you haven’t already seen my video about this you can watch it here. We managed to find another nice hotel in the nearby medieval town of Fielkirch. James Joyce passed through here many moons ago (1915) and the fate of Ulysses was decided here. The town actually means ‘field church’ in English and you can see a photo of the little church in my thumbnail of this post. I think they need to rename it to ‘The Lidl Fieldkirch’ because just out of shot to the right (less than 30 metres away) is a huge friggin’ LIDL store!

The Altes Kino is a lovely little old theatre which would probably hold 300 at full capacity but I wouldn’t want to be one of them. Considering this was a Tuesday night show it was very well attended with more than 200 locals and visitors coming out – thank you so much. The set was the same running order. We really enjoyed the gig but man was it hot up there. The crowd really rocked out and sang with everything they had.

The aftershow signing was great (although a bit cramped). Man, these people know how to buy merchandise!!!

Another hugely enjoyable evening – thanks Rankweil and see you on the next one:)

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  • Mark

    Reply Reply March 6, 2013

    Great blog. Sounds like a fantastic tour

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