A Stuttgart These Days Is Hard To Find

Sweet Tour diary – Longhorn LKA Stuttgart

We arrived at the Hilton Garden Hotel which is sandwiched right between the Porsche arena (which we have played before) and the Mercedes Benz Stadium (who haven’t asked us yet but I’m sure it won’t be long…)! The added bonus was that Stuttgart were playing Lazio in the UEFA Europa league (Stuttgart lost 0-2) and thousands of fans were making their way around each side of the hotel in a very civilised manner.

It’s been 20 years since Sweet played at the Longhorn- this club is a main fixture for rock and roll shows and it is a great venue. I went down early to do a rock vocal lesson with one of my German students Oli. This is the first ‘on the road’ vocal lesson that I have arranged and I will definitely be doing more of them. We had a great session and it is always rewarding to be able to get a student to really take control of their instrument and discovertheir inner power 🙂

The show was amazing! This is the biggest crowd so far with about 700 rock and roll fans in attendance. We had plenty of room on stage and it just felt great from the off. Man, these people can sing along – definitely the most vocal crowd on the tour (but they did have an unfair advantage over Rankweil in numbers). A light change to the set saw the return of Wig Wam Bam and Little Willy and they were greeted like long lost friends by the crowd. The heat onstage was close to unbearable and lots of ‘dizzy moments’ were had by some of us:) Today, Stefan will mostly be looking for fans for the stage…electric ones that is so please don’t email  saying that you want to come up 🙂

The encore is becoming more and more entertaining each night and I can’t stop laughing at some of the faces when we come back on stage. I’m purposely not giving away any details because I don’t want to spoil the surprise if you are coming along to a show. We finished the Blitz and the crowd went wild. So much so that when we arrived at the merchandise desk at the back of the hall some 10 minutes later there was nobody there as the crowd were STILL CHEERING for more – we’ve never seen anything like this reaction in a long, long time. We actually had to shout over to people to let them know we were back there. You can easily imagine the pantomime calls of ‘We’re behind you’

I didn’t set my stopwatch but I do not know if we spent more time on the stage or at the merchandise stand – these people know how to buy t-shirts. I think we probably know almost each member of the crowd individually and it was a total pleasure. The support and reaction from the fans on this tour is nothing short of amazing and we are truly grateful. For the Sweet music to still be important enough to all you people to come out on a Thursday evening (although Pete did notice that some of you might have thought it was Friday – if you know what we mean) to join us is fantastic experience for us all.

Long Live Rock!

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  • Dear Tony,

    We´re sooo happy to see you “SWEET” guys tonight in Nürnberg!

    It will be the first Rock – concert in my daughters life – she´s 10 and already a really devoted fan of The Sweet!

    (Maybe you like to hear, that the really young girls (Amelie and her other 10 years – old friends) prefer the new setup, especially you and Pete instead of Brian Conolly and Steve Priest – even when they where still young and really looked great… you get the better vote! … we watched everything about the Sweet on youtube, so she knows, what she´s talking about!)

    The girls know all your famous songs and Amelie is very, very, very pleased to see you finally live on stage tonight!

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