The majority of my vocal training was in Liverpool with Maureen McKim; a nationally recognized teacher to a plethora of West End performers at the time (she taught Brook side star Claire Sweeney and prepared her for her role in Chicago). Although I had to audition to be a student with Maureen, I spent many fabulous years with her and my weekly lessons stretched from an hour to most of the morning.

Despite offers for me to enter the musical theater  I chose to pursue a career in rock and roll.
I accredit Maureen with the foundation of my technique which has enabled me to consistently perform demanding vocal roles throughout the years of arduous touring schedules!

Recently I have attended several vocal training events with Gillyanne Kayes and Jeremy Fisher of
Vocal Process including:

Singing and the Actor
Singing and the Actor (Advanced)
Belting Explained

I have also studied vocal musculature in depth with osteopath Jacob Lieberman, vocal anatomy and physiology with renowned laryngologist Tom Harris and speech therapy with Sara Harris.

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