Schwalmstadt matters to me

Sweet Tour diary – Festhalle Schwalmstadt

We had breakfast together at 10am in the very posh Park Hotel restaurant before leaving Bremen. I don’t think they are used to bleary eyed old guys with sticky out hair in jogging pants and rock t-shirts joining their otherwise very well dressed clientele. (…sticky out head hair and not from the jogging pants btw…) Pete and Bruce are still suffering with whatever hideous infections they have picked up and we were all genuinely concerned whether the show would go ahead. As it happens both of them managed a great show despite feeling so poorly.

The little town of Schwalmstadt is smack in the middle of Germany and has a population of only 18,000. When you consider that 1,000 of them were at the show it really means a lot. In fact, it would be like doing a show in London and having 454,000 show up (I love maths, me) This is our second visit to Schwalmstadt – we were last here in November 2011 and the show was only made possible due to the fact that our good friend Thorsten Laabs who is a massive Sweet fan decided to bring the band to town. We must have been alright because he put his faith in us for a second time and managed to fell the Festhalle so well done.

We stayed once again at the Bechtel Hotel which is a lovely little traditional German hotel. The main feature here is the excellent food and we had a lovely meal together in the afternoon just after a brief soundcheck. The show was great and it kicked off early. Leftover Voltage (quirky name) opened the proceedings at 620 and the Steve Stealer band played from 730 till 900. Although this show is part of the NYC tour schedule the crowd was much more diverse – there were loads of families and young people in the crowd which was nice to see. Although, seeing them for me was difficult from the stage because of the distance between us.

We really enjoyed the gig and hope to return here again in the future – thanks again Thorstan and the very kind people of Schwalmstadt.

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