Last Train to Krefeld

Sweet Tour diary – Kulturfabrik Krefeld

We had a very funny time in the bus on the long journey from Hamburg to Krefeld. My face is still recovering from some of the ideas we have come up with and facts we have discovered about the musical legend that is Vance Colorado. I can’t reveal too much at the moment but I’m sure evidence will come out soon 🙂 Everyone was in good spirits following last night’s gig in Hamburg. There is a nice little TV feature on the show – watch it here.

The Kulturfabrik gig was pretty full with about 700 people in attendance and the reception was amazing. It seems to get better each night. I’ve noticed people who have been to 3 shows on this tour already and we are really grateful for the support. Speaking of support, tonight the opening band was Acoustic Revolution. They are a 3 piece acoustic act and really good players who went down well with the crowd – really nice guys too so check ’em out.

Pete is still feeling the effects of this horrible bug he has come down with but did an excellent show and I imagine many people wouldn’t have noticed how hard he had to work through the performance.The set was pretty much the same apart from the fact that we decided to play ‘Set Me Free’ instead of Action.

We did the aftershow signing in the hall right in front of the stage this time and I think we managed to meet every single person there. It’s very nice to get raw feedback from the crowds and get a chance to say our personal hellos to people. Thanks to Ingrid, Dani, Suz for looking after the merchandise stall. We have played here a couple of times in the past but everyone agreed that this time was the best.

This video was taken at the end of Blockbuster so not even at the end of the gig!


  • Michael

    Reply Reply March 15, 2013

    I think I spotted Günther and Helmut in the crowd !

  • Udo Richter

    Reply Reply March 15, 2013

    Thank you guys.
    It was a great evenning for me.
    The sound of THE SWEET is absolutely super.
    Kepp on rocking still many years.

  • McFly

    Reply Reply March 31, 2013

    best Gig i have seen from the “new” Sweet. The Gig was really awesome!!!
    perfect Sound, perfect Songs but i missed No You Don´t……

    Sweet rocks !! thx for a fantastic Gig

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