Krefeld Kufa April 5

Greetings from the Estrelle in beautiful Berlin

Following the amazing start we had in Hamburg on Thursday, we spent the day travelling (4 hours) to the hotel in Krefeld. We had a nice afternoon and everyone was in great spirits. We had a nice meal together and a reasonably early night.

Went to the venue at 530 to get ready for the VIP soundcheck. As I mentioned before, it’s just not possible to get around to signing everything after the show and so the idea of a meet and greet/VIP style soundcheck is working very well. There were 24 people in Hamburg and 22 in Krefeld. I do understand that some of you can’t make it because of the times/finances etc but we think it is a fair opportunity for those who want to spend some time with us before the gig. We are always happy to take pictures and talk with many fans who have been there for so long. Personally, I received a lot of genuine comforting messages from people and that’s really nice.

The show in Krefeld was another amazing success – completely sold out and a very enthusiastic crowd from the start. We had support from a couple of the guys from Heaven In Hell who do a great little set of acoustic rock songs and really got a good reaction. We have played at the KulturFabrik here many, many times and the rock crowd in Krefeld never disappoints. Tonight, we had to delay the show start time because it took so long to get everyone into the building! For the curious among you, the set was the same and there aren’t any plans to change it so I won’t comment on individual songs but we think there are some very good moments in there.

Sunday was the longest travel day of the tour. The drive from Krefeld to Berlin took about 5.5 hours. I managed to fly home yesterday morning at 6am to spend the day with my daughters and got a flight into Berlin this morning so that’s why I’m a little late with this update.

We are really looking forward to the show in Berlin tonight and this whole week in general. There are 6 shows over the next 7 days including some dates in the south east of Germany where we have not played in many years so it will be really great to see our friends in Leipzig, Dresden and Magdeburg particularly too!

Check out the merchandise stall for some nice T shirt designs and say hello to Ingrid who is doing a great job serving you 🙂

Are YOU in this video?

Bye for now

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  • George

    Reply Reply April 7, 2014

    A top notch summary Tony,thank you so much,stay tough man ⚡️

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