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Sweet Tour diary – Markthalle Hamburg

Wow, the SOLD OUT crowd were chanting ‘We want Sweet’ at 745 and the support band had not even started!

‘Heaven in Hell’ have done a few shows on this tour and they are fantastic. Just 1 acoustic guitar and a great singer playing some great rock covers – thanks so much guys for being a part of this.

The Markthalle is another longstanding venue for rock shows and we were amazed by the reception that we were given here. A totally full house on a Wednesday night in the home of rock and roll German heritage was a total privilege. We were interviewed before the show by NDR television who were very nice and I am sure they will produce a nice pice for the TV here in Germany. We’re not sure exactly what is happening at the moment but the shows are nearly selling out across the board and we are so delighted by the reception we are being given. It must be down to the power of social media and our excellent promotion by Stefan Muhl and the local promoters – we cannot thank the fans enough for their support on this excellent tour.

The Markthalle crowd were ready to rock early and we loved every minute. We would all like to thank the fans for their involvement in the show. It’s such a great venue – laid out on several different levels so you can see the stage from anywhere. Saw a lot of faces that we have already seen on this tour so thanks to all of you who have travelled as much as we have to come to more than one show.

Pete Lincoln was an absolute trooper – getting through the gig with a horrible virus but still sounding as good as ever. Often it is difficult for fans to understand the rigours of touring. When you do 5 shows in a row with this band it can be absolutely draining but we value every show individually and we always give 100% no matter what because that’s what you guys deserve 🙂

Vance Colorado was once again in fine voice for the encore and The Courgettes (featuring Adam Booth on drums) were their usual excellent selves.

The aftershow signing was manic! The busiest on the tour by far. It was so nice to meet so may of you and we cannot wait to return to the rock capital of Germany. Today we will travel to Krefeld and then to Bremen on Friday and finally Schwalmstadt on Saturday for the tour finale. Thank you good people it has been an amazing experience so far and we cannot wait to plan our return.

Some of you may have noticed a theme running through the blog post titles…if you have, I could do with some suggestions for the forthcoming shows as there aren’t many songs about Krefeld, Bremen nor Schwalmstadt to my knowledge. Email me with your suggestions please:

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  • Bryan

    Reply Reply March 14, 2013

    Good to see you doing so well Tony!

  • Anke

    Reply Reply March 14, 2013

    Hello Tony,
    the show last night at the Markthalle has been great. It has been one of the best Sweet gigs I have ever seen. Too bad that you have been so busy signing coz there has been no chance for a photo with bandmembers but it has been great for the band that so many people wanted autographs. I got mine and had the chance to tell you all how great you are and I could tell you that I love your red shoes.
    Thank you for a great time, I loved it!

  • Preben Rosenqvist

    Reply Reply March 14, 2013

    Oh, I will love to see this NYC-Show in Denmark. Thanks for sharing this tour with us Tony.

  • Siobhan Kinney

    Reply Reply March 14, 2013

    Great clip – me son went nuts when seein it this mornin tellin everybody “That’s me, that’s me, that’s me in first row”. Thanks so much for makin this kid sooooo happy!!!

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