How to Sing High Notes Middle Voice 1

Learn How to Sing High Notes – Middle Voice Video 1

How to sing high notes


This is the very first instructional video guide that I posted on YouTube a little over 2 years ago and it aims to help you to learn how to sing high notes.

This video explains the distinction between vocal modes. I try to clarify any confusion surrounding chest voice, mixed voice, middle voice, head voice and falsetto. With so many terms to understand this can be a very confusing concept for the aspiring singer.

I teach a method where the focus is on the thyroid tilt. That is, we work the larynx so that the thyroid and cricoid cartilages tilt apart and this stretches and thins out the vocal folds and the voice then produces a higher pitch. By focusing on this mechanism we can finally start to believe in producing a unified voice that goes from the bottom to the top and journeys through middle voice.


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