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how to sing rock

how to sing rockThis question is one of the most common from a variety of vocalists and when learning how to sing rock. How often should I practice singing songs? How often should I practice singing scales?

When learning how to sing rock we must remember that the voice is a physical instrument that is supported by a number of muscular systems and all muscle development responds well to repetitive exercise. If you think about the development of an athlete…The process is one of continual, sustained development over a period of time. A marathon runner would not attempt to compete at the top level of his/her field without having first gone through some very structured exercise regime. The same approach can be thought of with the development of the voice.

Vocal development very much depends on the dedication of the student. You can take all of the lessons you can manage, watch evry YouTube singing lessons about rock singing techniques and download every vocal program available on the internet but unless you put in some serious physical practice you will not get the results you are imagining.

How to sing rock – the wrong way

When I was starting out as a young, naive singer with a very fragile voice I was immensely frustrated. I could listen to all of my favourite singers and hear my own voice in my head replicating all of these sounds but as soon as I attempted to realise them with my untrained instrument my ears would be treated to a hideous strangulation noise! I used to lose my voice just walking into another room – it was that weak. But, I had one massive driving factor – I wanted more than anything to be a great singer and would not accept no for an answer!

A lot of my early vocal improvement was by using the ‘brute force’ technique. I simply could not find a good vocal teacher who could show me what I wanted to learn. That is, pushing your voice to its limits, blowing it out, waiting for it to recover and then doing it all over again. I did get some results this way but I can tell you that is is a very tough and frustrating way to develop. The point I am making is that although my technique at the time was terrible, my voice got stronger because I kept working it. I do NOT advocate this learning method by the way 🙂

How long can you sing for?

When the voice is being produced purely there is no reason why a student cannot exercise and sing for hours at a time – literally. It is only through poor technique that the voice tires easily after short practice periods. Admittedly, in early vocal development, the practice regime must me gradually developed but for a singer with some experience there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to spend a couple of hours a day working on vocal technique. Believe me, if you do, you will notice incredible improvement.

Properly trained opera singers would think nothing of rehearsing their entire role during an afternoon prior to an evening’s performance – this after having done their daily vocal routine which in itself could take a couple of hours. So, when I student asks me ‘How long will it take to be able to sing higher notes?’ I always pass the buck back and say ‘It’s up to you!’ When learning how to sing rock – remember – more is more!

Commit yourself – develop a regular practice routine – do it every day and gradually ask more of yourself. If you want to be able to withstand the demands of singing rock in a touring band and be able to rely on your instrument night after night then it makes sense to build a good solid vocal technique and learn how to sing rock now.

Happy singing


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