Bremen On The Boogie

Sweet Tour diary – Aladin Bremen

Firstly, thanks to Angela McGrath for the canny blog title for this one 🙂

Thanks to our local promoter Lothar for putting us up at the lovely Park Hotel in Bremen. If you ever have occasion to come to this city then I would highly recommend that you stay here. It is a beautiful grand hotel with historic features and is very relaxing – picture is in the thumbnail of this blog post (on the right).

Well, our tour bus is becoming more like an ambulance for the ill…Bruce has now picked up the same type of virus as Pete but his is more flu like with the full sweats and shakes. The 2 of them did amazingly well to get through the show tonight and I think that was only possible due to the amazing energy from the Bremen crowd. There were 1229 people in tonight and the place was rammed! The crowd were incredibly supportive and it makes shows like this very special for us.

Acoustic Revolution did another great set and it was a pleasure to have them open the show. The Aladin club is a bit of a strange layout. It has 2 stages in the same venue and it must have been difficult for some people to see us from such a funny angle. All I know is that wherever we looked there were people everywhere! The aftershow meet and great was great once again and we received some lovely compliments from people and you never get tired of that:) We left immediately after the signing session so that we can all get rested for the finale tomorrow in Schwalmstadt.

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