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'How To Sing In The Style Of...' YouTube Series

Jack Russell - Great White

Geoff Tate - Queensryche

Michael Sweet - Stryper

Steve Perry - Journey

Paul Stanley - Kiss

Rob Halford - Judas Priest

Sebastian Bach - Stryper

Rik Emmett - Triumph

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Student Testimonials

  • Name
    I considered myself a fairly accomplished, if relatively untrained singer. I was district singing champion in my school years, fronted a few different rock bands at university and beyond and was the one who could be relied on to whip my guitar out at parties to belt out a few covers.

    Last year I joined a Bon Jovi Tribute band to challenge myself both as a vocalist and "frontman". The vocals in particular proved to be very tough. I was right at the top of my range and beyond, forcing out every note and singing in a way that was unsustainable and, if left unchecked, would ultimately be damaging.

    Within two lessons Tony had made a huge difference. He give me a mental and physical structure that completely opened up my perception of my vocal range, and gave me the base to build control, power and versatility.

    Tony's approach is not a magic one-step cure. Embedding the structure and developing the necessary muscle memory to gain the benefits of his wisdom is a challenge that requires dedication and daily practice (or "almost daily" practice if you are me).

    But Tony provides a range of exercises that if followed regularly for even 10-20 minutes most days, will enable you to build on the structure he provides you with to develop the range, power and dynamic expression you are looking for.

    I consider my initial batch of lessons with Tony a life-long investment. Months later, by following his structure and practice, I am still making breakthroughs and further improving my abilities. I expect this to continue for many years as I explore my ability to vocalise.

    Best of all.. singing is a lot more fun now - both for me, and the audience.
    Nick Oswald Bitesizebio
  • Name
    I have worked with Tony for almost two years now. His teaching and vocal technique is rock solid. I used to have too many problems and Tony knows how to work and help eliminate those issues. You get results period.
    Spektor Baal
  • Name
    I have played musical instruments since the age of 11 but I never considered myself a singer because I believed singing was something you are born with, you either have it or you don't. As I progressed with guitar playing especially I saw the need to sing songs in order to accompany myself, I didn't think I was bad but I had to overcome extreme shyness and lack of confidence in my abilities and the few times I did venture out to sing in front of others, no one was impressed, one young woman just flat out told me “you can't sing”.

    That incident led me to take formal voice lessons for the first time with a very accomplished, skilled music teacher.  She told me to practice, but I was never clear on what I should do as practice. My lessons were once a week consisting of 10 minutes of scales followed by singing jazz standards with her accompanying me on piano. Yet after 3 years, I didn't see much improvement in my singing ability I was singing but I wasn't building any confidence.

    Then one day I came across one of Tony's videos while surfing the internet. Although there are plenty of other singing instructors online, there was something different about him that separated him from the others. I knew my hunch was right beginning from our first lesson together.

    Tony breaks singing down almost to a science I've been studying with him for two years now and I now understand how my voice works. Tony instructs in a way that I see progress with the exercises he gives me. It's not just about learning how to breathe and running scales he teaches you to develop your own vocal instrument, fine tuning it in such a way that you develop the vocal ability to sing whatever you want to sing. If you follow his instructions and work at it consistently you will see results.

    When I first began lessons I was unsure of my singing now I am confident enough to say that I am a singer. Tony is a vocal instructor extraordinaire the best by far!
    Clarence Nicholls
  • Name
    Thanks to Tony, I finally understand and use proper breath support. After working with him, I now understand the functionality of each vocal register of the voice and how to blend them seamlessly and I have a crystal clear understanding.
    He's teaching me how to use vocal distortion in a healthy, non-harmful way. In being a professional musician, in addition to being a teacher he knows what works on the stage.
    Denis J Lanza
  • Name
    I have been singing professionaly for over 15 years as the lead singer of the Journey tribute band, "Separate Ways the Band".
    Throughout my career I have had the privilege of studying with some amazing voice teachers and vocal coaches, although they were able to help me get to where I wanted to be vocally, I was, and still am, always striving to be better. One night, as I was surfing the Internet, I came across this guy who was belting out songs by Sebastian Bach, Paul Stanley and Steve Perry, just to name a few. This guy was Tony O'Hora. As I continued to surf the web, I found out that Tony was also a professional singer but even better, a voice teacher as well. So l signed up for some voice lessons and I'm very happy with the results. Not only was Tony able to explain some new techniques to me, but he was also able to demonstrate them for me in a real application. Tony knows what it's like to be up on stage and sing in front of alot people. He knows the pressure and stress that singers have to deal with, and he was able to help me work through many of them.
    Again, I'm very happy with the results of my voice lessons with Tony.
    If you're looking for a well rounded voice teacher, someone who can help you with all of the ins and outs of being a singer, whether professional or just as a hobby, Tony O'Hora is the guy for you.
    Danny Gagliano Separate Ways - The Band
  • Name
    I struggled with home singing courses for years… And then I started working with Tony. Wow! He has laser beams in his ears that allow him to personalise his teaching to exactly what you need. He has guided me fantastically through his modular teaching methods.  He has taken my confidence, vocal tone and understanding of the voice, to the next level. Highly recommended!
    Mike Shields
  • Name
    I started training with Tony in Autumn 2016. At that time I was preparing for an audition for Wolf Spider – a Polish progressive/thrash metal legend. The songs required a lot of high singing, both clean and with rasp so I thought I could use some professional advice concerning songs I had difficulties with.

    I found out about Tony through his Youtube channel where he explained the singing technique of Rob Halford. I was absolutely stunned because I know how hard it is to emulate this great singer. When I did some research and found out that Tony is not only a vocal teacher, but also a recording and touring musician, I knew I had to get in touch with him and book some skype sessions.

    The techniques Tony showed me helped me instantly. Just by listening to me singing through skype was he able to put his finger on why all my vocal problems occured and what I should do to get over them. After each lesson I got a set of vocal workouts that Tony found suitable for solving my problems, as well as a complete video recording of each lesson. In addition to this Tony encouraged me to contact him in the meantime to see how I was progressing. He always took his time and explained to me in details everything I wanted to know, showing me all the crazy vocal stuff by example.

    Truly a great teacher, great singer and a great personality. I'm looking forward to our next lesson:)
    Lukasz Szostak Wolf Spider

How Online Singing Lessons Will Help You To Develop Your Vocal Technique And Enjoy Being A Better Singer

  • Online singing lessons can help you to sing better than you have ever imagined. The main benefits of having lessons online are convenience and easy scheduling. You can improve your voice from the comfort of your own home and lessons are easily booked via my online scheduling calendar. You will receive a video recording of your vocal lesson as well as all of the necessary audio files for you to practice with.

  • Vocal Power singing lessons are individually catered to help you become the best singer you can be. The human voice is the most expressive instrument in the world and the beauty is that we each have our own unique voice. Whether you want to improve your technique or focus on stylistic develepment – your lessons are designed for you.

  • With the right vocal coach and dedicated practice with the right vocal exercises and warmups you can quickly increase your vocal range and become a better singer. You can learn how to sing high notes with ease by exercising control over the exact muscles in your larynx that get your voice to function properly. No more straining or reaching for those higher notes in the upper register.

  • Develop your vocal power and become a better vocalist with custom designed exercises. Every online singing lesson is specifically designed to help you develop your singing voice to the maximum and will prepare you for singing properly. I will supply you with the right exercises for your particular vocal need.

  • Discover the best vocal warm ups. Are you fed up with performing the same old vocalises and not getting the vocal improvement you had hoped for? My vocal warm up exercises are specifically designed to get all of the vocal muscles working in unison quickly.

  • Through proper preparation and practice you will be properly prepared for every concert, singing or vocal performance and will finally have the confidence to unleash your vocal power and enjoy performing like never before.